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Welcome to Relevè Branding Agency! As a full service branding agency, we design innovative brands that elevate your business to the next level. We uncover the emotional value you provide your consumers, and when we launch your business - new or improved - you will be irresistible within your market. We create high quality brands that consumers join and remember...not just recognize then forget. Want to learn more? Let’s get on a call and discuss your brand transformation.




Jessica Sorentino is Relevè Branding Agency’s Founder and Creative Director. She has a background in marketing and communications from the University of Delaware, and experience developing brands of various sizes, in various industries. Her favorite part about working with businesses at the branding level is creating their unique identity and being a part of their team as they grow.


When she’s not working, she spends a vast majority of time reading and exploring different neighborhoods, enjoying coffee (and any other types of drinks, really) with friends and family. You can follow her on instagram at @jessicasorentino.





Many people can say a brand is either good or bad, but they don't connect that judgement to branding. Same with social media: people understand it's value, but not how to manage it while staying on-brand. That's why we created The Academy, home of our one-of-a-kind training programs and educational blog! Taught and written entirely by Jessica, the information provided is perfect for the business owners and entrepreneurs who are considering investing in branding, but want more understanding before committing, and those who have branding in place, but need assistance tightening it up for the next level.


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