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Today’s consumer doesn’t just buy a brand, they join it. That’s why the best brands are simple ones: they’re easy to understand and impossible to ignore.

As an agency, our goal is focused on helping businesses simplify and clarify who they are and what they stand for through innovative branding.

While we won’t turn down a business for branding – from personal brands and entrepreneurs to major corporations – our sweet spot is small businesses under 500 employees. We love integrating our team with your team, and the passion and work ethic that comes from such a collaborative effort. However, regardless of size or industry, the only essential criteria we have is your desire to elevate your brand.

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Elevate Your Brand

We’ll get inside your business plan, and the heads and hearts of your target audience and finally, study relative market trends.

Brand Strategy

We strategically define your brand and position you within a unique whitespace. Many small businesses skip this step and that can be a fatal mistake!

Verbal Identity

We define your unique brand voice and write messages and copy that work in all conversations, across all platforms.

Visual Identity

We design iconic visual identities that cut through the noise and express who you are, including typeface, color palettes, logos etc.


We design Instagram-worthy packaging that leaves memorable impressions and gets people to support your business.

Content Creation

We art direct your photoshoots, video projects and marketing materials to tie your whole brand together, and set up your social media presence.

How We Work


The first step in creating your new brand! We talk it all out…through a detailed exploratory and questioning process, we’ll establish the foundations and goals of your business to enable you to make important decisions later in the brand-building process.


This is where you’ll receive your Brand Strategy & Story. Every brand has a story, and this is where we help you develop yours. Your Brand Strategy is all about who you are as a brand internally…how your audience will connect with you on an emotional level, and describe you to their friends. We’ll do your market research, define your audience and give you everything you need to bring your brand to life with it’s own unique and recognizable personality from the inside out…starting here. (Three rounds of refinements are included)


Once we know who you are on the inside, it’s time to tackle your appearance and voice. This is where you’ll receive your Branding Style Guide. It’s a hefty packet outlining the ins and outs of your Brand Identity…how your audience will recognize you and remember you. You’ll receive your Visual Identity (i.e., logo, color palette, typography style, photography style, graphic elements) and your Verbal Identity (i.e., style, tone, manner, voice). The Branding Style Guide enables you and your team to look, act and speak consistently when representing the business. (Three rounds of refinements are included)


You’ve got your Branding, and now you’ve got to build your components. We would be honored to finish the job for you. Here is also where we can set you up for success on social media if you require. However, if you’ve got an internal team ready to take over, skip ahead to Step 5. 


Raise your glass to a job well done! Finalizing your brand calls for a glass of bubbly and a big high five! Even after your brand is created, we’re here for you. We’re rooting for your success, so any additional help you need: an update, color change, a value doesn’t sit well…you have full access to our Academy courses and to your Brand Manager for as long as you need. We’re here for you, stay in touch!

Measuring Success

Our clients receive…

Clarity of vision and purpose
Dramatic revenue increases
Higher customer loyalty
Improved company culture
Engaged employees
Strong retention rates
Reduced consumer price sensitivity
Lasting competitiveness