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Intensive Brand Build

First thing’s first: you need a brand. Instead of a drawn-out build, we build out your project in one month — tops! Intense, right?

Working fast doesn’t sacrifice our quality. We block off our calendar for the entirety of your project and we co-create in real-time – this keeps the vibes, vision + energy high, ya know?

Social Media Management

Our Social Media Management service is designed to elevate your social media presence, grow your brand to reach your goals and keep social relevant to your marketing strategy no matter how many times the apps evolve.

Platforms include: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, TikTok and Twitter

Business Coaching

Want to turn your idea into a business? And run your own social media but need help with strategy?

Our Business Coaching service includes weekly face time with Jessica, who will give you homework, suggestions, be your sounding board and visionary for all things business, development and social media.

Please note that ad management can be added to social media management for a rate of 15% total ad spend.



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