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Common Branding Mistakes

As we’ve already established, branding is an investment of all of your key resources. Lots of small businesses try to cut corners when they first start out. Some piece a strategy together and make it up as they go, and others skip a branding package all together. Well we’re here to tell you that these are fatal mistakes for your business. In this day and age, first impressions matter more than ever. With practically every market being so saturated, you need to be memorable right out of the gate. If you’re not, it’s literally an out of sight, out of mind world we live in. Your potential customer may never come back, because a quick Google search can have brought them to one of your competitors in under three seconds.

We want your business to succeed, whether we brand you or not (although we’d really love to brand you!). That’s why we’re sharing this list of common branding mistakes with you. Try to look at your business with open eyes as you read through, and be honest with yourself if you notice you fall under any of these errors. And if you do, we’re always here to help.

Top 10 Common Branding Mistakes We’ve Noticed (2018-2019)

  1. Inconsistency: everything your business puts out into the world needs to be on brand…even (especially) your social media posts.
  2. Poor visuals: fuzzy images, graphics that people don’t understand, etc. leave people second guessing your literal image and quality.
  3. Stale messaging: as times change, your brand needs to evolve…like a baby growing up!
  4. Targeting the wrong audience: just because you want to target yoga-loving moms who shop in Anthro, doesn’t mean you should.
  5. Not utilizing your audience: poll your audience, ask what they want from you, what works/what doesn’t. Your business is only as valuable as your loyal customers, so let them help you provide your best.
  6. Failing to define your brand strategy from the start: we talked about this already in the article’s introduction.
  7. Not training employees to represent your brand: if you’re an all-natural, calming brand, you don’t want your employees cursing and wearing emo spikes and listening to heavy metal on the clock. Train your people!
  8. Being sales-driven instead of mission-driven: we understand you need sales to survive and thrive, but if you want loyal customers, you need to always circle back to your mission.
  9. Not positioning uniquely: we talked about this also. You need to be memorable and different from Day 1.
  10. Overcomplicating your messaging: marketing for kindergarteners is not just a phrase, but a legitimate lifestyle we live by. Your customers don’t want to analyze your tagline in their heads for five minutes. They either get it…or they don’t.

xo, Jessica