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Engagement 101

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When social media first came out, it was all life updates and meme threads. Nowadays, every brand, person, company, etc. has their own social media presence. As a business, running a social media page has become essential to stay relevant in today’s world. Social media has become the main source for customer service, a feature that is often overlooked by businesses. Social media can be tricky to navigate, however it is one of the most powerful tools in business once you learn about it. 

Content posted on social media accounts represents the branding of a company. Poorly edited graphics and photos are going to drive customers (specifically younger ones) away. By not putting effort into your own branding, you’re showing customers you can’t take care of them. Your business should be your first client, if you can’t establish a well rounded online presence, it often turns potential customers away. Often in social media graphics, less is more. Over edited text and filters look cheesy and outdated. Make sure your business is perceived as professional, but also unique to your niche. Instagram users often prefer real photos (faces, nature, flat lays, etc.) over graphics. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to step up your social media game. There are plenty of websites that have free stock footage you can use. However, if you’re able to take your own pictures, I highly recommend you do so. 

Above feed aesthetic, engagement is the most essential part to running a social media for your business. Building an online community is hugeeee to land potential clients. Social media is basically a customer service hotline. 

The Instagram algorithm favors users who spend more time on the app, meaning they’re more likely to pin your posts to the top of your follower’s feed. A couple years back, Instagram stopped categorizing posts in chronological order. The more time you interact with users, the more reach your account will receive. 

A huge tool in the engagement world is Gary Vee’s dollar eighty method. This method is a good rule of thumb on how to develop an online community. The dollar eighty method works like so; find ten niche-relevant hashtags then like and comment on the top nine posts for each hashtag. To make things even easier, you can download the browser plug in. Make sure any comment you leave adds real value. Ask a question or start a conversation. 

This method is revolutionary in the social media game and can be applied across all platforms. I recommend starting off your social media on one or two platforms so you can get a grip on your audience and what they favor. Build loyalty with your customers and then carry it over when you’re ready to add another page. 

Hashtags are your best friend in building an online presence. Find fifteen hashtags that represent your brand and use them on every post. I also recommend you make a personal brand hashtag or a campaign hashtag that your customers can use. Geotags (adding a location to your post) can also help customers find your page. After every social media post, repost it to

your Instagram story. Add your hashtags to the story and hide them on the side or under your post. Add an enticing incentive to your story to get followers to check out your post. Another tool to building an online community is reposting relevant content to your story in support. 

Social media is more similar to reality than one might think. Making online friends improves your engagement. Just like in middle school, the more people you knew, the more popular you were. There’s even cliques online (niches). Even though social media can be scary, building a loyal following boosts brand morale. The more active and responsive you are towards your customers, the more invested they will become. 

Social media isn’t just logging in, posting, and calling it a day. Interaction is more important than posting. However, the more you post, the more people you will reach. Instagram wants you to be active on the app and they’ll reward you for doing so. Social media is one big game. If we do what they want, they’ll give you what you want. Engagement is as simple as that. If you take away anything from this article, it’s to be active with your followers and build that online community!

xo, Macy

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