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I Have A Brand Strategy…Now What?

So, you’ve got a Brand Strategy in place. Maybe we made it for you, maybe we didn’t. Or maybe you’re on the fence about investing in a Brand Strategy and need a little more understanding of what it means for your business. Whatever the reason you’re reading this, we’re going to lay it out for you right now.

Think of your business as a person. Before you can become a recognizable brand from the outside, you need to determine who you are on the inside. This is where brandING comes in.

Branding – the act of creating a brand

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So part of your brandING is developing your Brand Strategy. It’s a decent-sized packet – roughly 40-50 pages – and in it, we determine everything you need to be unique within your market.


Creating a Brand Strategy requires a lot of behind-the-scenes work. We’ve got to dig deep into the stats, research and details of your business plan, your supposed target audience and your preferred market. We take everything you say to us, and everything you want to represent and combined with the research, we start to build you up…in a tone of voice specific to your business and for your audience.

And because it’s a Strategy, the results of creating one are tangible. We’ll give you ratios, charts, pyramids, personality characteristics, how to market and more so you can stay present and relevant to your target audience, within your market.

Now, lots of small businesses choose to skip this step: they choose not to create a Brand Strategy. Whether that’s a financial choice or a timing choice, it’s actually just a bad choice. If you don’t know how to position yourself in your market, for your audience in a memorable way, you will find it difficult to obtain repeat clients, brand recognition, consistency across communication and visuals, and more. Generally speaking, your brand will suffer.

So what’s next?

All of that being said, we still haven’t told you what to do once you have a Brand Strategy, have we? Well, your Brand Strategy becomes your Holy Grail marketing tool. It should be referenced and studied often by team members, employees, investors and basically everyone except your customer. It should be addressed regularly in team meetings to make sure the value points, characteristics and mission are always being held up. You want your full team to be able to be on brand no matter what they’re doing or who they’re speaking to when they are on the clock, representing your brand.

And lastly, once your Brand Strategy is in place, your tangible next step is to invest in your Brand Identity…to determine those memorable visual and verbal features your audience will come to know and love.

An Example

Brand: Gigante Restuarant (one of ours!)

Brand Strategy: After being open for six months, Gigante Restaurant and RBA started tightening up their Brand Strategy. We compiled the goals: who the restaurant wants to be, and we analyzed the facts: who people think the restaurant is. We discussed audience preferences and what was working in the restaurant and what could maybe go…as far as branding was concerned (ex: menu options, entertainment, price point, etc). When we finished creating their Brand Strategy, their marketing team redirected their ad campaigns to provide the correct emotional value, consistent aesthetics and subtle appeals to the right target audience. Same with the restaurant design and menu. Everything Gigante puts out in the world is now on brand to their Brand Promise:

Gigante Restaurant is a quietly indulgent restaurant tucked away in a Westchester country club, open to the public. Featuring Instagram-worthy plating and drinks, and a vibe that lends itself to becoming your new favorite spot to bring the people that bring out the chicest version of you.

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