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IG Follower Count: Does It Matter?

Ah, this age-old question. Our answer regarding whether you need a large following on Instagram or not is a firm 50/50 split. To us, what it really boils down to, is how big a role Instagram is playing in your digital marketing strategy to reach your business goals.

The Yes

A high follower count is great for the businesses in the social media marketing game for the long haul. If you think of it like a funnel, the more followers you have, the more eyes your content will be placed in front of, over and over until it siphons down to your target consumer.

Then, your larger following will subconsciously and psychologically hold weight with that target consumer when they come to your profile, with the thought process of “wow 145k people love this brand, maybe I should check them out too.”

Accounts with follower counts above 10k are also given additional features, such as the “swipe up” in stories, which is honestly (in my opinion) a feature any business account should have.

The No

Having a major following doesn’t mean you’ll have additional sales, leads, or whatever your business needs to pay the bills. In fact, it doesn’t even mean your engagement will increase.

If you’ve got a great brand with let’s say, 3,450 followers – a majority of which you know are actually loyal to your brand and engage with your content – you may be happy where you are follower-count-wise.

If you’re a local business that doesn’t produce online sales or remote services, and you’re already well-known in your local community, you don’t need to gain the attention from app users around the world.

Either way, no judgement from us. The main thing to remember as always, is to stay true to your brand. Whether you have 500 followers, you’re flirting with the 10k mark, or have 150k+ people following your account, your job is the same: keep the followers, make them happy, turn them into customers. How? By providing branded value with each piece of content published.

If you’re interested in growing your account, we do offer growth-specific services. We can also audit your account and develop a brand strategy for you to address moving forward, in order to be sure you’re steadily providing that brand value. Reach out to us directly for more information.

xo, Jessica