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Oh Clubhouse…where to begin?

I’ll tell you this: a social media expert’s job is never boring. Every time a new app or feature is released, our entire world turns upside down, and the announcement of the Clubhouse app was truly no different.

For those of you who don’t know, Clubhouse is a pretty new app that essentially combines podcasts with round-table discussions. Keep reading.

For a lot of us the thing Covid knocked out with the most severity was networking and the ability to confer with like-minded professionals/thought leaders of a particular industry. Sure, there were virtual versions of conferences, there have been workshops and Lives and webinars…please never ask me to sit through another webinar lol…but what has really been missing has been the conversation aspect. Enter, Clubhouse.

Clubhouse’s model of drop-in voice chatting is really like joining a conversation (a room) that is going on about a specific topic (always outlined). You have the opportunity to speak up or just put yourself on mute and listen to the hosts and the people they invite up to the stage.

Aside from joining rooms, anyone can host a room. When you schedule one it will obviously appear on your followers’ activity pages, as well as the pages of those who are following the category of your room (ex: entrepreneurship). Sidenote: I get a lot of activity about Single and Ready to Mingle rooms…not sure what category I checked off when I signed up that that’s happening…but here we are.

K so now that we have a little bit of a better idea as to what the app is and how to use it, let’s get into why you would want to spend time and effort making a name for yourself on yet another app.

To start, Clubhouse is still in Beta-mode, which basically means it’s still in test phase, but available for use and review. The first people on it were major names in Silicon Valley and you now have access to them on a level that has never been attainable before. If this matters to you, you could literally be in a room with Elon Musk. More importantly for me, my team and our interests, we’ve been in rooms with Marianna Hewitt and Lauren Gores Ireland (Summer Fridays co-owners) and honestly, it’s just a really great opportunity to learn and converse directly with your role models.

The other cool thing about Clubhouse is that it is currently not for sale…in the sense of influence. Karla and I were recently in a room on the app where someone was saying they could charge $50K for an Instagram Live appearance, but conversing and joining a Clubhouse room has no monetary value right now. While it’s still not funded, the people on it are there by choice, and are – by the app’s guidelines – aged 17+ which means your TikTokers and ear-to-the-ground trendsetters aren’t there doing weird things for fame. It’s really an app for connectivity, business, brand and personal development and networking for grown-ups.

So if you don’t make money on Clubhouse, and you have spent years and thousands growing your presence on Instagram and other apps…why join the club?

Because it’s new and it’s great to get in while it’s still growing, and be a part of that growth. Because soon, Instagram will be able to fully compete with their own version of Clubhouse, and it’ll get saturated and expensive and maybe worth it, but also maybe not…we can’t know that yet. And because if you’re active, you can really make new connections and introduce your brand to a new demographic. You can learn so many new things. You can also use it to drive traffic to your Instagram, and vice versa.

Brands are starting to give discount incentives to those who are exclusively in their Clubhouse rooms. That’s new marketing right there. For us social media managers, it’s time to get creative and determine whether it’s an app worth investing in for clients. But for you, as individuals who are clearly reading a blog on a branding agency website about a new marketing app, you definitely want to join and see who you can connect with, and what you can learn.

But wait, there’s more! Before you think we’re 1000% sold on Clubhouse, I will say their audio kind of sucks, and for an audio-only app, that’s definitely a software dilemma they need to work on asap.

Clubhouse is currently by invitation only and available on iOS, so Apple products. If you need an invite, we’ve got a few extra, so shoot us an Instagram DM.

xo, Jessica