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Mental Health And Social Media

When I meet someone in this day and age who has no social media, I am literally shocked. So much of the world has gone digital, it’s actually impressive to be able to steer clear of all the noise and still be up-to-date with the goings on of life.

But what about the rest of us, who do plug in? We live in a society where celebrities and everyday people (for lack of a better phrase) are intertwined in a news feed, where we have access to any and all information we seek if we are interested enough to look, and I know you don’t need me to tell you this, but it’s exhausting staying up on everything, 24/7. But when you don’t….when you decide to take a break or disconnect, maybe you’ve felt less than, or behind? I know I have. And that’s tough because my job is 99% social media based.

Using social for business versus personal honestly makes a huge difference in the lens you choose to wear when scrolling and strategizing. That being said, most people on the app are regular consumers, many of whom struggle with Instagram-based insecurities. And that’s bad for a lot of reasons, including business. It’s actually better for business accounts when personal account users are happy, you know? So let’s talk about how to stay happy and well while spending hours a day – literally hours, check your screen time – on social media.

Mental Health Tips for Staying Sane on Instagram 

  1. Do not waste lots of your happy moments scrolling through other people’s happy moments. When you’re experiencing something that should keep you in the moment, don’t worry about documenting it, just enjoy it.
  2. Notice how you feel after taking a social media break. Chances are, you’ll feel relaxed, more productive and like your life is still full even though you didn’t share every moment with the world.
  3. Stop comparing yourself and what you’re doing to everyone else and what they’re doing. Filters make everything seem better, but remember how long it took you to decide that that photo, in that pose, with that caption took you to create. I’d bet everything that that picture you’re comparing to went through the same process of curating perfection.
  4. The second you feel a bit “off,” acknowledge it. If it’s a specific account making you feel that way, mute it or unfollow it. If it’s the amount of engagement you are or aren’t getting, close the app – you can’t help that. If it’s starting to feel like you have carpel tunnel in your scrolling thumb, take a break!
  5. Decide to curate your page into only certain topics so it doesn’t overwhelm your whole life. Do you like to read and try new bakeries? Only follow friends, family, book accounts and local cafes, and only post those categories too. Then it becomes an enjoyable way to document and share your passion, while maybe even inadvertently growing in a new network and limiting your screen time in the process.

Hope these help, and if you need more, to vent, or help, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

xo, Jessica