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Mission-Driven Branding

Lots of businesses start out with one goal in mind: to stay open. We were the same. We took on clients before we knew our mission, goals and had a real plan in place. The fear of failure can overpower your knowledge of patience, of spending to make, of taking your time to get it done right before launch. Again, we were there…we understand.

When you run a business and operate on a sales-based plan, you will never not think about money. You will always act on the surface, and God forbid something were to happen, you’d have a really hard time weathering the storm, so to speak. Without a mission, without a plan, a strategy, goals…it’s hard to assess and reassess your situation. That’s why we operate and promote mission-driven branding.

Mission-Driven Branding

This isn’t a real term or something we’re trademarking, we’re just saying. It’s great to have an idea for a business or product, but once you’ve got that, taking the step backwards to really look at what you’re creating and the why is even better. This is you mission, your vision, your value. When times get tough, you need something to come back to, so you remember why your business exists and why you should fight to keep it going.

Also, and here’s where we tie it all together, mission-based branding will actually bring in more sales. How many reviews have you read where clients/customers have said “I was treated like a person, not just another customer” or “I didn’t feel like a number, they actually saw/heard me.”

When you’re sales-driven, the numbers are your mission. Your customers can feel that and maybe they’ll still support you because you offer something they need, like banking. Same goes for when your mission is either product, service or customer based. Your customer will feel that too, and as long as they’re happy with what they received, they’ll be back. They’ll feel like they’re part of something bigger, and who doesn’t want that?

An Example

Brand: Sea Dipped

Mission: Sea Dipped is a lifestyle brand that sells jewelry made from and inspired by pieces of the ocean: shells, etc. They take the shells and dip them in 14K gold. While they obviously want you to purchase their jewelry, they instead focus on their mission of educating customers on marine life, sharing content from the coast, targeting beach towns/cities and giving 10% of all of their proceeds to marine life charities. They do a lot to save baby sea turtles, and if you’re torn between buying a random bracelet for $140 or one that proceeds go towards baby sea turtles and makes you feel like a chic surfer, I think I know which you’d choose.

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