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Our Guilty Instagram Scrolls

Sure, we live on Instagram for business purposes, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t spend just as much time also scrolling through the addictive app for personal enjoyment too. In complete honesty, I actually have a timer set to kick me off the app, because I really could get lost, especially scrolling through the accounts of people I don’t know IRL. In an attempt to share a piece of lighter content amidst all the COVID updates, Taylor and I have opened up about some of our favorite accounts to scroll in our free time. At the end of this post, we’d love to know what you think of our picks, and what accounts would be on your list! Comment and let us know.

NOTE: these are not our favorite accounts for growth or lifestyle development. Some people watch RHONY for mindless enjoyment, we scroll these accounts. And like an empty box of Dominoes hidden in the dumpster immediately after consumption, if you hide the evidence straight after (ie: not following, clearing the search), sometimes these scroll seshes never happened.

Jessica’s Picks

I have a best-friend-level loyalty to some of the women from The Bachelor/Bachelorette series seasons past. I could talk about some of their day-to-day lives as if they told me what their plans were themselves. I don’t know why – it’s rare I find personal connections to them – but I truly cannot stop myself. I started following them when I found myself searching for them too often to be considered healthy, and now certain real friends of mine and I bond over the interest in these ladies’ lives. Is that weird? Oh yes, I also have their books, clothing from lines, etc. When I’m loyal, I’m loyal AF.

Examples: @amanda_stantonn + @laurenlane

Taylor’s Picks

I don’t really have any guilty pleasure follows…I tend to own what I enjoy no matter how frivolous it might seem. However I do have a few influencer accounts that I might, you know, down-play how invested I am in following them. I think It really has to do with how they use social media for their personal brands, and specifically how they use stories (what I spend 80% of the time I’m on IG watching). They update every day and somehow I went from casual watcher to “I should follow so I don’t miss…”. That’s the power of personal branding!

What are some of your favorite accounts to get lost in? Let us know!

xo, Jessica