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RE: Email Marketing

If you have an email address, you’ve been the recipient of email marketing, for good or for bad.

As a business, email marketing makes a lot of sense, right? You can directly reach your consumers with sales, news, product launches and more. But there’s a fine line to walk when you’re scheduling your next email blast. Is this the blast that will lead to mass unsubscriptions? Are people sending your messages to junk? Are they sick of hearing from you?

Like any other marketing tool, emails need to be strategized and provide consumer value without overstepping. We’re big fans of optimized email marketing. As an agency, we send one blast per week. That covers the basis of everything we need to say, but that may not work for you. Let’s break down the pros and cons of integrating email marketing into your strategy.


  • You can say what you want to say, how you want to say it.
  • You can direct people to multiple calls to action at once.
  • You can request direct feedback and replies.


  • People’s inboxed are flooded daily with blast emails. You have to stand out, but not overstay your welcome if you want a place in your target consumer’s inbox.
  • Obtaining sign ups are difficult.
  • You have to have enough content to share in order to optimize your send.

So what to do…

We say, go for it. Our email marketing platform of choice is Flodesk, because it was made for branded email marketing (and you know how we feel about on brand content). Once you upload your brand kit (logo, colors, fonts), Flodesk has a bunch of premade templates and sequences that you can repurpose for your own use. To see some examples, you can view one of our past newsletters here. And if you’re interested in giving Flodesk a shot, we can give you 50% off of your monthly fee with this link.

Other email marketing platforms are Mailchimp and Active Campaign. I’ve used both, and while they have their own lists of pros and cons, I have to say, I’ve never been more excited to send out a newsletter until I switched over to Flodesk (PS – this post is not sponsored, we’re just being real with the platforms and tools we like and use.)


  • Announce a freebee or sneak peak of a launch or something equally enticing to grow your list.
  • Nurture your audience. Not every blast needs to be targeted for sales. Ask how they’re doing, communicate with them on a deeper level, offer free tips, encourage responses.
  • Offer exclusivity to your list. Maybe a special discount for subscribers, first dibs on new products, etc.


  • Spam your people. If you’re using emails for more than a business newsletter, let the subscriber dictate what type of content they want updates on, and then segment accordingly when you schedule your blasts.
  • Consistently ask something of your subscribers. Keep them in the loop without pushing product/services on them.

If you want to chat more about email marketing, email us 🙂

xo, Jessica