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Reel Talk

Have you noticed the influx of video content in your Instagram feed these days? If you’ve spent more than five minutes on the app at any given time, of course you have. That’s because right now, Instagram is favoring one feature they rolled out this summer: Reels.

Now that it’s been a while and we’ve seen success with Reels ourselves, I want to share the top five things to know as you determine whether they’re worth bringing into your Instagram strategy.

Reels are TikTok but on Instagram

Reels is Instagram’s response to TikTok’s success…literally just like when Instagram created Stories based off of Snapchat. They want to keep your whole marketing strategy right on the app and honestly, we’re here for it. Due to their massive exposure and reach, adding Reels guarantees new eyes on your brand. Although Reels aren’t *quite* as user-friendly as TikTok yet, they’re getting there! Honestly, my favorite aspect is that you can add a cover photo from your camera roll, so you can keep all your static content on brand.

Your audience is already primed

The goal is always to create content that’s true to your brand, but also resonates with your audience and converts them into sales, clients, etc., right? I’d keep this in mind if you’re considering joining TikTok, where the demographic is mostly 10-29 year olds (read more from us re: TikTok here).

But when it comes to Reels, good news is it’s already integrated into your Instagram account, where you already know your audience is. Easy!

Reels require a dedicated time commitment

Posting quality videos (staying true to your brand AND on a consistent basis) requires a huge time commitment. Posts that typically perform the best are spin-offs of current and popular trends, sounds and challenges.

Time not only needs to be dedicated to filming and editing the videos, but also to browsing through TikTok and Reels to stay on top of trends. Once trends are identified, there is still a period of brainstorming and strategizing that needs to take place. And you cannot skip this step! Too many videos look identical to one another and honestly, that defeats the purpose, lol. These short-frame videos are not as effortless as they look!

Introduce someone on your team as the face of your brand

As a social media marketing agency, Reels is a challenging service to offer our clients since we’re not in-house experiencing their day-to-day routines. But we do offer them, and we’re encouraging you to use these videos are a chance to make your brand more personal – share your faces and behind the scenes of your company! I recommend designating a person or two on your team to be the “face(s)” of your brand to help make your business easily recognizable and the content consistent.

Pro Tip: Have these “faces” record multiple videos in one day in the same location and wearing the same outfit. It will help with added brand recognition!

Add Reels to your UGC/Influencer strategy

As a reminder, Influencer Marketing is the way to stay up on marketing trends while keeping your budget low (read our full post here). Asking your influencers to create content on your behalf – even with their compensation fees – is cheaper for you than continuously hiring photographers, videographers and doing everything I’ve already mentioned above. Integrate Reels into their post requirements and boom! You’ve got content.

So that’s the Reel Reel (make me stop), but if you still have questions, or want to determine if Reels are right for you, shoot us an email. Instagram has also rolled out a bunch of other new features, so make sure you’re following @relevebranding on Instagram to keep up-to-date on what they are and how to use them!

xo, Jessica