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Stand Out With Attention To Detail

I’ve been seeing a lot of quotes lately, about the importance of branding and marketing, but one in particular stood out:

“Marketing is asking a girl out to dinner. Branding is why she will say yes.” – Ed Stulak

That right there could be this whole blog post – it explains it all. Your brand is who you are with or without marketing. Don’t get me wrong, marketing is vital – but you’ve got to have solid branding in place in order to execute memorable, effective marketing strategies and campaigns.

And the thing that makes your marketing campaigns memorable and effective is attention to detail within your brand identity. This is more than just staying on brand with color palettes, fonts, voice and messaging. Your X factor is what makes you stand out from the rest of the businesses in your saturated market. Paying attention to detail doesn’t mean shifting your strategy to stay on trend with what they’re doing…it means evolving with the times but staying in line with what you do.

I’ve seen this a lot in the fitness industry since the pandemic hit. Everyone is going live, everyone is selling bands, everyone is working out, working out, working out. The messaging is tired. The faces blend together, the workouts start to all look the same.

So how would a fit pro fix this? Attention to detail. They’d come back to their brand. What makes them different? Why did people train with them in the first place? Who is their ideal client? What’s something unique they have up their sleeve? They’d develop a new marketing campaign based on that information.

As we discuss details in your online brand, you’ve got to get creative. Puns with your name, a memorable set of graphics that can be transitioned into different product launches, utilized in various capacities, a recognizable voice and tone…these things matter to a consumer, whether they can say it out loud or not.

Similarly, if you’ve got a storefront, your details should be a blend of your brand and your environment. If you’ve got a store in both LA and NYC, they should not mirror each other. Your branding details should be the same: color palette, font kit, messaging and product, but your “vibe” should mix those assets with the brand of your location. LA would probably be a brighter, more chill and open space…possibly with an outdoor option. Whereas NYC would be set up for efficient shopping, convenience and highlight architectural/historical details.

So how can you start to add details into your digital branding right now? Here’s a quick little activity for you to do before activating any new marketing campaigns:

  1. Audit your channels for consistent brand threads and pull the relevant ones you can get creative with.
  2. Fill in the missing pieces to those lines of messaging in order to tell the full story (these will be your deets).
  3. Add imaging to the details (graphics, etc.) that can be used to tell your story: gifs, stickers, highlight covers, on printed media, etc.
  4. Integrate, but stay subtle about it. This project is not a launch. Acknowledging details of our own brands is not something we share with our audience – it is just something we do. 

A last note to remember: this does not happen overnight…building a brand and memorable marketing takes time. And as always, we’re here to help. Leave us a message if you want to make big leaps through small details.

xo, Jessica