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Sustainable Brands We Love

Happy Earth Day!

One pro of everyone stuck at home is how the environment is recovering. Fishermen in Aruba are reporting seeing species of fish they didn’t even know were still in the Caribbean waters, and dolphins have been spotted in the notoriously murky canals of Venice.

I do my best to live sustainably – especially in regards to the environment (I have such a soft spot for sea turtles and elephants – don’t ask). From my go-to reusable grocery tote, to my favorite metal straws, I’d say seven out of 10 times I’m pretty good at eliminating waste that comes from single-use items.

Some brands have incredible sustainability efforts, and seeing as today is Earth Day, I figured I’d share some of my favorites, all of which also happen to be founded by female entrepreneurs (in no particular order).


Cuyana is my favorite brand for timeless, neutral accessories to both buy myself and gift. They operate with the philosophy “fewer better,” in hopes customers will make less investments in higher quality pieces over time. Plus, they are working towards reaching their goal of committing to 100% sustainable materials by 2022.

Read their whole sustainability pledge here.

Dudley Stephens

Dudley Stephens fleece pullovers are all the rage in New England. When I finally bought one, I understood the hype. But aside from the promise of cozy comfort, there’s more to this made-in-Brooklyn brand. Each product is made from recycled yarn…repurposing over 1 million – MILLION – plastic bottles to date.

Watch their sustainability video here.


I change my nail polish weekly (chipped nails are a huge pet peeve of mine) and when I realized how many chemicals are in a coat of polish, I made the switch clean polish brands. Not only does tenoverten have a great color palette, they are also super sustainable. tenoverten recycles old polish and polish bottles in an environmentally friendly way, so if you’ve got any to dispose of, send them their way!

Learn more about their recycling program here.

xo, Jessica