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Tips For Social Sanity

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Happy New Year, guys!

Let’s all make an effort to use social media for good this year, instead of going crazy and making passive and unhealthy comparisons. You don’t need me to tell you how dark of a hole social media could be – for me, the spirals happen first on Instagram, and then TikTok also gets me (also, will someone please come over and learn some of the trending dances with me?). Anyway, as a person who spends like 8 hours a day on social media both professionally and personally, I had to learn to set some guidelines. I thought January would be the perfect time to share them with you, that way you can start your year with a clearer headspace surround social media.

3 Tips For Staying Sane While Using Social Media

  1. Set screen time restrictions: literally go into your phone, set a specific app timer for the apps to each shut down when your limit is hit. You can also turn off notifications that way you’re not encouraged to be connected to your social media community 24/7.
  2. Mute and unfollow: there’s absolutely no reason to follow accounts that make you unhappy. Why would you do that to yourself? UNFOLLOW, and sometimes even block, is the best advice. But if you’re not mentally there yet, just mute the account. They’ll never know and you’ll stop being shown their posts.
  3. Pick content categories: I talked about this here as well, but part of my stress at least, comes from worrying about what content I’m posting about. Like, yes I love hiking, but do I need to share that on my social media? It’s not usually in my aesthetic and that matters most to me, so my aesthetic is my driving factor for posting. But if you get stressed because you see someone posted a book photo and you never do, but you love reading, so your spiral becomes omg I should have posted that first I could have done that post, shouldn’t I share my reading journey…stop it right there. A. Share what you want, it’s your account. B. Before you let other people do it for you, decide what you’ll be posting on your page. Books, Coffee, Music. Make it your bio, narrow your niche, and you never know what type of a community you’ll cultivate this way. Plus, then when you do other activities you won’t be glued to your phone, and if you want to share other interests you can use stories or let other people tag you in their posts.

What other suggestions have you found helpful in developing a positive relationship with social media?

xo, Jessica

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