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Tips For Working Remotely

These are weird times we’re living in…the world is scary in ways we’ve never experienced before. The best thing we can do is listen to officials, stay home and do our individual parts to keep the larger community safe. As someone who’s been working remotely for over a year now, I’ve got some tips for you, to make your WFH days less disruptive and more productive…even amidst all this silent chaos.

Top 5 Tips for Working Remotely

  1. Get dressed: even if that means changing out of sleeping sweats and into a clean pair, do it. Set that boundary, and keep that routine. I also recommend showering and working out to pump up your energy and remind yourself you’re still a human who needs caring for.
  2. Set a schedule: if you typically work 9-5, with a lunch break at 12, stick to it. Otherwise you’ll be logged in day and night with no reprieve.
  3. Write a To Do list: at home, there are way more distractions than at the office, and less ways to self-motivate. I’ve found the best way to stick to achieving goals is by crossing off items on a To Do list. Make it each morning, and reference throughout the day.
  4. Connect with others: FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, whatever it is…make some of your meetings meetings instead of emails. Some people live alone and need human interaction, and some need the collaborative energy from the workforce to accomplish their tasks.
  5. Separate work and personal: I promise you…you’re going to want to do laundry, take a movie break, something unrelated to work during the day because now you can. Try not to. Save that for after hours…not only will it give you something to look forward to, but it’ll help you keep your routine, your focus and quite honestly…keep you busy while you’re stuck inside.

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xo, Jessica