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The Difference Between Your Brand And Branding

It’s not uncommon for our customers and friends to ask for clarification between what a brand is, and what branding is. We realize the words get thrown around simultaneously, and usually along with other words like logo and marketing. Yes, all are related, but they are certainly not all the same.

It’s actually really hard to find working definitions for both terms. However, here’s what we’re going to say: you can have a business without branding, but it won’t be a great move if you go that way. You’ll just be a business – not a brand. Taking the time, and making the investment to go through the branding process will develop your business into a brand…something we like to simply define as a recognizable company people feel connected to on a valuable, emotional level.

Your Brand

Brand – the known identity of a company in terms of what products and services they offer as well as the essence of what the company stands for in terms of service and other emotional, non tangible consumer concerns.

Whaaaaat. Basically, your brand is the final product of your branding plus your product/service.


Branding –  the act of creating a brand

An effective branding package will be made up of three components:

  1. Who you are
  2. Who you want to be/where you want to go
  3. Who people perceive you to be

Your branding will deliver the promise of your brand. It’s your communication, your advertising, your value, emotional positioning, your goals. It’s also your visuals, such as your logo, website and shopping bag design. Nowadays, your branding includes hashtags and social media strategy, too.

An Example

Brand: Gregory’s Coffee

Branding: If you Google Gregory Zamfotis and Gregory’s Coffee, you’ll notice their logo is a graphic design of Greg’s face. However, his glasses are turned into coffee cups and their tagline is “See coffee differently.” Everything about Gregory’s is trendy, friendly and up-to-date, including the fact that regular customers are called Gregulars and you can buy Greg’s House, which is their custom house roast blend. There’s also a Gregory’s app which provides Gregulars with special pricing, loyalty rewards and order ahead options. Between that and their Instagram strategy of continuously resharing posts they’re tagged in, they’ve built a community of coffee drinkers who essentially see coffee differently…even into their storefronts. Customers – younger, busy professionals – have enough space to sit and work, hold meetings and have access free water and wifi, rolling the brand into a delicious, efficient and comfortable (caffeinated) experience.

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